Why is AcceptBitcoin free to use?

Creating working business solutions for the community is something we are passionate about here at AltCoinTrader. AcceptBitcoin allows anyone to start accepting bitcoin payments. We hope that this solution will in some way help to facilitate and stimulate small and large businesses.

We also hope that this project will bring awareness of crypto and bitcoin to a larger audience and help with the adoption of altcoins and bitcoin into our society.

By providing alternative free business solutions we hope to stimulate the economy as a whole and maybe provide a better future for some of our younger bright minds and entrepreneurs.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to uplift and assist people in many areas of our community yet not much is known about this new technology and it will take years before people start to use and get the benefits of this alternative financial system. Freedom and relief from poverty are just some of the many benefits we can expect from this new tech. So projects like this one that assist with the adoption and awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are for the greater good of us all!

... be inspired, build something amazing ...