Accept Bitcoin Easy

How does AcceptBitcoin work?

With AcceptBitcoin you will need to supply a bitcoin address. This service is not meant to be a wallet or hold your funds.

You can think of this service more like a till or an easy way to accept bitcoin payments.

It is perfect for a shop or anyone that wants to accept bitcoin payments, your customers can quickly scan the QR code and pay the correct amount they see displayed on the screen. It is super easy to use.

Here are the steps needed to get started:

It's as simple as that. You can then type the amount of ZAR (Rand) your customer owes you, and the bitcoin amount along with a QR code will be displayed on the screen.

If you are using your AltCoinTrader account it is a simple process to sell your bitcoin and cash out into ZAR and withdraw your rands, if you choose to do so, or you could just keep the bitcoin.

Important security information:

If you are using this as a till or payment system it is safer to be logged out and use the link:

Now the "Receive payments" page can safely be displayed publicly!

This way no one has access to your account and no one can make changes. You can safely give this link to staff and they always have access to the payment page.

Here are the links that can be used for different currencies:

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