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There is an alternative financial eco system waiting to be discovered, one where you fully control and own your money with no centralised system or authority involved!

Don't have a bitcoin address?

If you don't yet have a bitcoin address it's easy to get one at AltCoinTrader, but first let us welcome you to the altcoin and bitcoin community.

A very good place to start is at AltCoinTrader. Allow us to get you started on your journey into the world of crypto.

AltCoinTrader.co.za is an exchange where you can buy, sell or trade crypto currencies. You can sign up and get a free account, and not only get a bitcoin address, but you can get many other crypto addresses.

You don't have to use a bitcoin address from AltCoinTrader, you are welcome to use any bitcoin address that you own and have control of. The AcceptBitcoin system is simply here to make your life easier when accepting bitcoin payments. We don't charge any fees and offer this as a free service for business and personal use.

... start today, be aware of the liberating alternatives ...