Now anyone can accept bitcoin payments!

AcceptBitcoin is an online bitcoin payment solution that anyone may use free of charge. Whether it be for business or personal use, if you need to accept bitcoin payments, we have you covered...

Bitcoin price
ZAR 379 482.55
USD 22 865.56
EUR 22 390.67
GBP 18 928.44

What is AcceptBitcoin?

AcceptBitcoin is a community initiative that allows anyone to accept bitcoin payments.

This site does not store or hold anyone's bitcoin it only assists in accepting payments.

The user must have their own bitcoin address and obviously have full access to it so they can control the received funds.

This site will simply make it easy to accept payment as it shows a QR code, the exchange rate and when payment is received.

... crypto is not a fad or phase, but a life changing technology ...

Don't have a bitcoin address?

If you don't yet have a bitcoin address it's easy to get one at AltCoinTrader but first let us welcome you to the altcoin and bitcoin community. A very good place to start...

How does AcceptBitcoin work?

With AcceptBitcoin you will need to supply a bitcoin address. You can think of this service more like a till or an easy way to accept bitcoin payments. It is perfect for a shop or anyone...

Why is AcceptBitcoin free to use?

Creating working business solutions for the community is something we are passionate about here at AltCoinTrader. AcceptBitcoin allows anyone to start accepting bitcoin payments...